Find Hope in Christ

As Advent comes to a close, claim the peace and hope that Christ offers us at Christmas. The Christ Child gives us special grace to grow in hope—that theological virtue which allows us to look toward heaven as our ultimate goal—but if you’re finding it difficult to accept that hope this year, you’re not alone. Many Catholics have struggled to get into the Christmas spirit after this exceptionally hard year for the Church.

Moreover, how are we to help others outside the Church understand why we remain Catholic? Many Catholics have a difficult time knowing what to think of the injustices that have come to light, much less how to talk about them to people outside the Church. As we celebrate Christmas with friends and family who may not be Catholic or who have fallen away from the faith, how can we find the words to condemn the injustice but defend the Catholic Church?

These questions are why we held the Hope for Hard Times Mini-Conference this year. Featuring renowned Catholic lay leaders Scott Hahn, Curtis Martin, and Tim Gray, the conference took an honest look at the scandals facing the Church today with help from the wisdom of Scripture.

Now we want to share this invaluable resource with you. We want everyone to experience the message of hope found in these three talks, and we also hope that they will give you better insight into how to hold those difficult conversations around the dinner table.

At the bottom of this post, we’re offering all three talks for free, and we’re also giving a free CD set as a thank-you gift to everyone who chooses to support us at the end of this year. As we work in the service of God and His Church, your support continues to give us hope, as well.

We pray that you truly take hope in the reassurance that God remains ever faithful to His covenant. Scripture attests to God’s continuing faithfulness despite repeated unfaithfulness on the part of His people. As Christmas calls us to remember Christ’s first coming and look forward to when He will come again, let us not despair, but answer the call to live more fully conformed to Christ.

May Christ give you peace, hope, and joy this Christmas.

Title Speaker Duration
Hope for Hard Times Tim Gray 46:57
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Hope for Hard Times Curtis Martin 39:37
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Hope for Hard Times Scott Hahn 1:11:46
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