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Just as there is a Catholic way of praying, eating, and living in community, there is a Catholic way of understanding history. Catholics don’t look at the world and see man trapped in a fatalistic, never-ending cycle of birth and death as the ancient pagans did. Nor do we see history progressing as a triumphant march, with the future always besting the past, as most modern secularists do.

Rather, Catholics see God’s hand in all of human history—teaching us, correcting us, and calling all men to himself. We see the unity between what has past and what is to come. And we see failures as well as progress, as men grapple with God’s call and God’s law.

In the newest volume of Letter and Spirit, the St. Paul Center’s journal of biblical theology, leading Catholic scholars explore the unity of Scripture, both old and new, reflecting upon how this Catholic understanding of history deepens our understanding of God’s Word.

Letter and Spirit, Volume 9: “Christ and the Unity of Scripture”, features essays by St. Paul Center President Dr. Scott Hahn; Center Fellows Dr. Michael Barber, Dr. Brant Pitre, Dr. William Bales, Dr. Vincent DeMeo, and Dr. Leroy Huizenga; plus Duquesne University Professor, Dr. William Wright.

Topics include: Christ as the center of Salvation History, Mosaic law and Jesus’ teachings on divorce, the Book of Wisdom and the Gospel of John, the Abrahamic Covenant and Paul’s letter to the Galatians, and more.

Written for priests, scholars, and seminarians, but accessible to serious, motivated lay Catholics, Letter and Spirit is available for order now. Click Here to learn more about the journal or to order your copy.