How We Got So Confused: Modernism and the Theology of the Body

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Theology of the Body, sacramental worldview, emily stimpson chapman, these beautiful bones
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In her book These Beautiful Bones: An Everyday Theology of the Body, Emily Stimpson Chapman explains: “What the theology of the body gives us is an articulation of the Catholic sacramental worldview with a special focus on the human person. More precisely, the theology of the body is the sacramental worldview, restructured and rearticulated for a generation plagued by a diseased misunderstanding of the cosmos.”

So if Pope Saint John Paul II’s theology of the body is an articulation of the sacramental worldview, the next question to the modern mind is what is the sacramental worldview?

It is what shaped humanity’s understanding of the world for thousands of years, but which we have almost lost today. And it is what Stimpson Chapman sets out to reclaim in all her writing, especially in her most recent books. In this audio excerpt of These Beautiful Bones, Stimpson Chapman explains that the sacramental worldview shows us that everything in the world is a revelation—of ourselves and of God.

Listen to learn more about what the theology of the body means for us in light of the sacramental worldview.