Kimberly Hahn’s New Ministry for Women


beloved and blessed, kimberly hahn

Kimberly Hahn has spent decades sharing her personal experiences and the inspired wisdom of Scripture with women striving to live out their call to be daughters of God. Now, she’s bringing this wisdom to light for women in all walks of life with her new ministry, Beloved and Blessed.

There are a plethora of ministries for Catholic women today, but many are geared toward girls or young women. It’s difficult for women looking for reliable wisdom and spiritual depth to find the inspiration they crave.

Beloved and Blessed answers this need. A variety of resources help uncover the beautiful wisdom of Scripture for every daughter of God.

This brand-new ministry includes:

  • Podcast: The Beloved and Blessed podcast, hosted by Kimberly, speaks to the desires and strengths of women, based on the wisdom of Proverbs 31.
  • Books and resources for women and families: Whether you’re single or married, dating or discerning religious life, waiting on children or have your quiver full, you’ll find a range of resources to help you live out your vocation with excellence and grace. Including Stacy Mitch's Courageous Women series.
  • New editions of Kimberly’s popular Bible studies: Chosen and Cherished, Graced and Gifted, Beloved and Blessed, and Legacy of Love.

Women from all walks of life will find inspiration, hope, and strength with this new ministry! Visit to learn more.

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Kimberly Hahn

A ministry for Catholic women in all walks of life. Inspired by the experience, hope, and strength of Kimberly Hahn, Beloved and Blessed uncovers the beautiful wisdom of Scripture for every daughter of God.