Lessons from the Early Church

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The Forerunners of Christ with Saints and Martyrs

Listening to the Fathers Today

Our individual identities are shaped by and linked to our parents and the stories of our families. As a Church, our identity is linked to and shaped by our fathers and mothers in the faith, the earliest Christians. What do those early Christians have to say that is of relevance to the contemporary Church? How is our understanding of liturgy shaped by what Jesus’ followers in the first centuries believed and practiced? Have the changes in the Eucharist brought us closer to the ancient church or separated us from our roots?

These are some of the questions Mike Aquilina, St. Paul Center’s Executive Vice President, Carl Sommer and Rod Bennett, will address in this five part series as they examine the faith, and particularly the liturgy, from the vantage point of the early Christians. Tackle those questions and more in Lessons from the Early Church.

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