No Problem, Houston!

All I can say is, “Wow!” This past weekend in Houston, Texas, was unbelievable. Along with St Paul Center staff and Fellows, Rob Corzine, Raquel Lopez, and Ximena DeBroek, I was as St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church to present Genesis to Jesus, the foundational program of our parish Bible study program Journey Through Scripture. We expected some warm weather and a little more than 100 people for the event. We were wrong…on both counts.

Surprisingly, the weather was pure Midwest – cold. Even more surprising was that by the time we started, almost 200 people had taken their places for day of study all about the story of the Bible. So many extra pairs of boots showed up, that I was actually a bit worried whether or not there would be enough food. (The local Knights of Columbus outdid themselves in preparing our meals.) Alas, no need to worry. God blesses Texas. The number of chicken and ham sandwiches seemed to multiply before our very eyes as everyone was more than well fed. (They had leftover homemade chocolate chip cookies even though I ate five myself!)

But it wasn’t just the number of people that made this event special. It was multi-lingual. More than half of the people present were receiving instruction in Spanish at the same time the rest were studying in English. It was amazing!
Here are some comments from participants:

“As a Protestant, great explanation of a Catholic perspective on reading the Scriptures”.

“The amazing pulling of salvation history, chronology of covenants, types, parallels, amazing”.

“It seems that every possible resource has been made available…unspeakable value”.

“Threading the OT/NT so skillfully, inspiring and pointing me forward in my spiritual journey. May what I learned benefit others.  Thank you so much!”

“Demonstrated Messianic prophesies in a short overview enabling further study for appreciating Old Testament as history of salvation and we are part of salvation history!!”

“Bringing together the pieces from many Bible study topics over the past 18 years!”

We’re all looking forward to returning to the great state of Texas in the future. But in the meantime, if you’re interested in hosting a Journey Through Scripture Bible study training in your diocese or parish, give us a shout at 740-264-9535. God bless you!

Matthew Leonard
Executive Director

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled in early 2015 for the release of our first video version of the Journey Through Scripture studies – The Bible and the Virgin Mary. Go to for a taste of what’s coming.