Our Year in Review

By Scott Hahn 

Dr. Scott Hahn is president of the St. Paul Center and author of over forty books on theology and biblical studies. He is the host of The Road to Emmaus podcast.

Greetings to you and to your loved ones. Christmas blessings!

When Kimberly and I first entered the Church, we noticed one thing—that Catholics, at least most of them, didn’t read the Bible.

But our faith is biblical. In fact, our liturgy is steeped in Scripture. To be fully Catholic, we must know the Bible.

If we are to renew the Church, we need a return to her rich understanding of Scripture and Tradition.

And that’s why, with your help, the St. Paul Center aims to do just this.

For more than fifteen years, the St. Paul Center has been at the forefront of this renewal. We produce life-transforming study tools—from books and journals to multimedia and online programming—that help Catholics read the Bible from the heart of the Church.

We carry out this mission through our three core outreaches to laity, clergy, and the Catholic academy.

We produce life-changing Catholic Bible studies watched by hundreds of thousands of people each year.

We put on over 50 events each year, personally transforming the faith of tens of thousands.

Through Emmaus Road Publishing, we produce the top works in theology and Scripture study for parishes, classrooms, and homes.

The Road to Emmaus podcast reaches thousands each week. And we evangelize the digital continent through a strong presence online—reaching over 1 million followers, and offering accessible online content—including live-streamed events and free online studies.

We put on two of the nation’s most sought-after priest conferences, serving over 400 priests from around the world each year.

We work with the nation’s biggest seminaries—including St. Vincent de Paul, Mundelein, and Mount St. Mary’s—to provide their seminarians with the best in biblical scholarship and technology

Through Emmaus Academic, we have published some of the best textbooks for seminarians and graduate students.

We continue to affect the highest scholarly dialogue with our two journals: Letter & Spirit and Nova et Vetera.

We’ve done so much in this past year alone—all thanks to your generous support.

And we’re just getting started. With your help, we will continue to produce the best Catholic content in books, Bible studies, and more.

In the coming year, we plan to release not one, but two top of the line Bible studies: The Bible and the Church Fathers and The Bible and the Mass.

We’ll again host nearly 400 priests from around the globe at two conferences just for priests, one on the West Coast and one in the East.

Through Emmaus Road and Emmaus Academic, we’ll continue to publish the best books in theology and biblical studies from top scholars, including my friends John Bergsma and Ben Wiker—even two new books from me that I can’t wait to share.

And we’ll produce more digital media—including a new podcast—following the tremendous success of The Road to Emmaus podcast.

In short, the St. Paul Center will continue to help all Catholics read the Bible from the heart of the Church, which will spark a renewal of faith that will set the world ablaze.

Thank you for making this one of our best years yet. Thank you for your continued support. Please remember us in your end of year giving, and help us make next year even more incredible.

All gifts made between now and the end of the year will be matched dollar for dollar with no limit. Donate now to double your impact.

May God bless you in the New Year and beyond.

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Thank you for making 2019 so full of blessings and accomplishments. Please remember the St. Paul Center in your year end giving and help us make an even bigger impact next year.

All gifts made between now and the end of the year will be matched dollar for dollar with no limit. Give now to double your impact.