Over many centuries, Christians have lost sight of the heart of the Eternal Covenant: our nuptial union with God in Jesus as members of his Body and Bride. This has fueled a growing crisis of Christian identity and witness. Only by rediscovering the depth and beauty of our salvation in Christ will we be drawn to share more fully in his life and saving mission. But that requires encountering anew the scriptural and early Christian understanding of redemption as a nuptial bond rather than merely a juridical pardon of sin. Beginning with the Trinity’s revelation of himself and his Covenant in the person of Jesus, As I Have Loved You examines our own existence as persons and how the Covenant relationship weds us to Christ in his loving service of God and neighbor. That union prepares us for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, when we will know and love God even as he knows and loves us.


Fr. Timothy V. Vaverek is a priest of the Diocese of Austin serving as pastor for Assumption Parish in the city of West. His hometown is San Marcos, where he graduated with a degree in physics from Texas State University. During seminary, he studied at the University of Dallas and the Gregorian University (Rome). He received a doctorate from the Angelicum University (Rome) in 1996. His studies focused on Ecclesiology, Apostolic Ministry, Newman, and Ecumenism. Since ordination in 1985, his ministry has been in parishes except for three years as a diocesan official. He has published in various journals and writes for TheCatholicThing.org.


Robert L. Fastiggi

“In As I Have Loved You, Fr. Timothy Vaverek explores the core message of the gospel as salvation in Christ. Why did God become man? What does it mean to be saved? Fr. Vaverek offers a biblical and Catholic response to these questions by illuminating the essential themes of the economy of salvation. In an age of relativism and confusion, this book provides an authentic and inspirational synthesis of the Christian call to conversion, mission, and eternal life.”

Robert L. Fastiggi,
Bishop Kevin M. Britt Chair of Dogmatic Theology and Christology,
Sacred Heart Major Seminary


“Here is a study of the ‘beatific union’ of the Trinity and the Church that strangely warms this Protestant’s heart. Vaverek’s book is both a timely reminder that salvation involves more (but not less) than a pardon of sin and a rousing call to discipleship: the importance of living out our nuptial union with Christ at all times and in all places. The emphasis on the eternal Covenant is of special interest (and a pleasant surprise), and the presentation of the Christian life as involving faith and love is indeed a marriage made in heaven.”

Kevin J. Vanhoozer,
Research Professor of Systematic Theology,
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Fr. Gerald Murray

“Fr. Timothy Vaverek has written a beautiful and compelling book that guides us into a deeper understanding of our relationship with God in Christ. Drawing on his wide knowledge of Holy Scripture and Catholic theology, Fr. Vaverek has given us an eminently readable guide to the Christian life. Faith in Christ is the gateway to finding the true meaning and purpose of our life—we are loved by God, and we are called to a living union with him. Fr. Vaverek reminds us that we should never cease to marvel at God’s closeness to us as we joyfully proclaim with St. Paul, ‘It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me’ (Gal 2:20).”

Fr. Gerald E. Murray,
Pastor, Holy Family Church, New York, NY,
member of EWTN’s The Papal Posse, author of Calming the Storm


“Christ’s work of salvation draws us into nuptial union with God. Timothy Vaverek explains why this is the profound reality that changes our lives—while it also challenges erroneous views of salvation. As I Have Loved You is a most insightful treatment of Jesus’s love for us. This is a book that turns its readers back to the ancient mystery of faith, God’s eternal Covenant as a nuptial union. Reading Vaverek, one imagines being in the company of the saints of the Christian faith as they meditated on union with God. As I Have Loved You should be widely read by scholars and non-scholars alike.”

Hans Boersma,
Saint Benedict Servants of Christ Chair in Ascetical Theology,
Nashotah House Theological Seminary


Timothy Georgy

“Here is a comprehensive overview of the Christian life at once practical and deeply theological. Written from a Catholic perspective, it is a call to discipleship and an encouragement to the Lord’s people everywhere. Highly recommended!”

Timothy George,
Distinguished Professor of Divinity,
Beeson Divinity School of Samford University,
co-chair of Evangelicals and Catholics Together


Robert Royal

“Fr. Vaverek writes with exceptional clarity in these pages about our urgent need to understand what a personal relationship with Christ means to life in this world as well as in the next. This book provides a wealth of spiritual and practical wisdom in an age sorely lacking in both.”

Robert Royal,
Founder and President, Faith & Reason Institute,
Editor-in-Chief, The Catholic Thing


John Bergsma

“Too often the Gospel has been presented in Western culture in legal metaphors, as if we were defendants seeking acquittal in the heavenly court from the divine judge. Vaverek re-presents the Gospel in familial terms, as persons entering into loving relationships as relatives, even as spouses. Simultaneously beautiful, illuminating, and instructive, As I Have Loved You is much-needed reading for clergy and laity alike.”

John Bergsma,
Professor of Theology, Franciscan University of Steubenville,
Vice President of Mission and Biblical Theology,
St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

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4 reviews for As I Have Loved You: Rediscovering Our Salvation in Christ

  1. Gbudje, Oderhohwo Akpophre

    It’s very wonderful

  2. Gbudje, Oderhohwo Akpophre

    What impressed me most about Fr. Timothy writing is the two issues of life. One the affirmative to life of God or Christ. The second is the negation of anything about God or Christ. Either you hate or love. Good or bad. The choice is ours to make based on our understanding of God.

  3. CathyK

    As one of Fr. Timothy’s parishioners and the RCIA director, I have heard Fr. Timothy preach and teach for nearly 3 years. This books was like an “Emmaus Road” experience for me, where Fr. Timothy took me deeper into the meaning of salvation, explaining and connecting scripture and Sacred Tradition with the true message of salvation in Jesus Christ. The book, though deeply theological, if very readable. I recommend having a Bible at your side to look up the many referenced Scripture passages as you read.

  4. Chet Stutes

    I am looking forward to learning about my salvation

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As I Have Loved You: Rediscovering Our Salvation in Christ