Come and See: The Gospel of Mark examines the life and ministry of Jesus Christ according to St. Mark. The authors helpful commentary on Mark’s narration of the Good News highlights the healings, parables, teachings, exorcisms, and miracles of Jesus that underline the Gospel writer’s important message: that Jesus is the Son of God.
This study uses inductive and deductive learning, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the writings of popes and saints to unlock an ancient treasure and show its current application. The Come and See series is ideal for group or personal Scripture Study.
About the Authors
Bishop Jan Liesen, S.S.D. studied Sacred Scripture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, where he wrote his dissertation on the book of Sirach. He was a distinguished member of the Papal Theological Commission and is the Bishop of Breda, Netherlands.
Laurie Watson Manhardt, Ph.D. earned a doctorate in education from the University of Michigan. She and her husband Jim host a Come and See group in their home in Vero Beach, Florida. Laurie also co-leads a family Bible study for adults and teens in her parish.

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Come and See: The Gospel of Mark