The Pro-Life cause is a winning one, and Pro-Life advocates must be able to articulate our powerful and persuasive reasons to anyone who asks.

Speaking for the Unborn: 30-Second Pro-Life Rebuttals to Pro-Choice Arguments is designed to make sure Pro-Life advocates are fully prepared for this great challenge. It presents the best rebuttals to every Pro-Choice argument made in support of abortion—rebuttals based on science, the law, reason, social justice and morality.

This handbook (and its companion website, is all you will ever need to powerfully and persuasively speak up for those who have no voice of their own.

Order today and get a bonus Pro-Life resources package including

  • Printable Pro-Life Fact Sheet
  • Printable “30-Second Pro-Life Answers to 3 Common Pro-Choice Arguments”
  • Companion video series led by Dr. Steven Christie.


Life, Leaks & Legal Briefs: Unraveling Abortion in America
Watch this impactful interview between Drs. Steven and Grazie Christie as they discuss the pro-life movement, the latest Supreme Court rulings, and why it’s never been more important to double our efforts in defending life.


Dr. Steven Christie is a physician specializing in oncologic radiology and body imaging. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Radiology. He is also an attorney and member of the Florida Bar. Aside from his medical and legal work, Dr. Christie also lectures regularly on Catholic social issues, particularly marriage, family, and the dignity of life. He and his wife, Dr. Grazie Christie, live in the Miami area and are the proud parents of five children.


Archbishop Gomez

“Steven Christie has given us a solid, practical ‘how-to’ manual for speaking with charity and compassion about one of the most complicated and emotional issues. As Pope Francis says, ‘Among the vulnerable for whom the Church wishes to care with particular love and concern are unborn children, the most defenseless and innocent among us.’ This book will help us in our care and defense of the most vulnerable, as we seek to build a culture that cherishes the holiness and beauty of human life, and a society where it is easier for people to love and to raise families.”

Most Reverend José H. Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles

Bishop Robert Barron

“I warmly recommend Speaking for the Unborn to anyone who is involved in the Pro-Life fight. In a concise, persuasive, and rational way, it counters all of the standard Pro-Choice arguments. It will prove enormously helpful in addressing the most pressing moral issue of our time.”

Bishop Robert Barron, Founder, Word on Fire


Timothy Cardinal Dolan

“‘The truth will set you free,’ Jesus tells us, and Steven Christie uses the truth to outline simple, cogent responses to the arguments advanced by Pro-Choice advocates. This manual provides short, honest, and irrefutable Pro-Life talking points, presented in an easy-to-grasp style, all designed to win hearts and minds to the Pro-Life position.”

Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York


Speaking for the Unborn is a wonderful contribution to the new apologetics necessary in the ascendant secularism of our post-modern society. It is a great resource for those looking to better articulate their Pro-Life position or to understand the truth about abortion.”

Most Reverend Thomas Wenski, Archbishop of Miami


“To anyone who has ever wondered what they should say when asked ‘When does life begin?’ or ‘How is being Pro-Life also pro-woman?’ or any other genuine Pro-Choice question, this resource provides excellent tools for fruitful and real dialogue. I’m so grateful that Dr. Christie researched and wrote this book. It is an invaluable tool for the Pro-Life movement.”

Jeanne Mancini, President, March for Life


George Weigel

“Steven Christie’s wonderful primer on the Pro-Life cause is a labor of love, a work of great intelligence, and a call to compassionate persuasion. I warmly recommend it to everyone interested in converting our fellow Americans to the truth, which sets us free in the deepest meaning of freedom.” 

George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow and William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies, Ethics and Public Policy Center


Scott Hahn

“I cannot think of an author better prepared to write an omnibus of answers to Pro-Choice arguments. Steven Christie holds advanced degrees in medicine and law—and he knows the arguments well, since he once advanced them himself. This book should be a textbook in mandatory courses on reality. It’s a must-read.”

Scott Hahn, Founder, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology and Author of Hope to Die


“Abortion is the human rights issue of our time. No class of human beings should ever be denied the legal protection of the law, and yet this is precisely what permissive abortion laws do. Drawing on both his medical and legal expertise, Steven Christie has produced the handbook you need to defend the rights of the unborn. Speaking for the Unborn will equip you to speak up for those who can’t.”

Ryan T. Anderson, President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

Daniel Lipinski

“With his background as a physician, attorney, and father of five, Dr. Christie provides intelligent and compassionate rebuttals to the common pro-choice arguments. Whether debating abortion in the U.S. Capitol or discussing the issue over the backyard fence, Speaking for the Unborn is an invaluable resource for anyone defending the right to life for unborn children.”

Daniel Lipinski, Member of Congress, 2005-2021


Kathryn Jean Lopez

“Abortion continues in America because of euphemisms. This book is a great light—a practical resource for being part of the solution. Be not afraid to talk about abortion in a culture drowning in the darkness of the culture of death. Help women choose life and talk about the great possibilities of life. Dr. Christie, with this book, and in his life, helps us make progress.”

Kathryn Jean Lopez, Senior Fellow, National Review Institute and Editor-at-Large, National Review


“Abortion is one of the gravest abominations that affect mankind. In Speaking for the Unborn,  Dr. Steven Christie offers very clear, convincing, and often witty answers to almost every possible argument in favor of abortion. This is a great resource to have, and the beautiful photos of the children in the womb speak for themselves.”

Fr. Juan R. Vélez, Former M.D. and Author of Passion for Truth: The Life of John Henry Newman


“The Pro-Life movement has needed an up-to-date handbook of brief but effective replies to the slogans and arguments in support of legal abortion. Do the cause of truth a favor and share this book with as many young persons as you can.”

Michael Pakaluk, Professor of Ethics and Social Philosophy, The Catholic University of America

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  1. Raymond S. Kinsella

    I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the videos. Beautiful pictures of babies. List of additional resources will keep me busy for months. Authoritative and inspiring. Thank you

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    Great book!!!

  5. Higino Gonsalves

    A powerful tool in the hands/minds of those who love life and children.

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Speaking for the Unborn: 30-Second Pro-Life Rebuttals to Pro-Choice Arguments