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As Christians, we should want to know our family tree. We should want to know who has gone before us in the Faith, where they came from, and what they believed. We should want to know our history.

Enter The Bible and the Church Fathers, the St. Paul Center’s newest video Bible Study. In twelve beautifully produced lessons, you’ll learn who the Early Church Fathers were and how they shaped the way we read Scripture.

The Bible and the Church Fathers will teach you everything you need to know about how the Bible took form. You’ll learn powerful tools for reading it, and you’ll understand Scripture’s relationship to Tradition and, in particular, to the Sacraments.

The Participant Bundle makes it easier than ever to turn to Scripture. Including both a Participant Workbook and four-month streaming access, it provides all the materials you’ll need for a fruitful Bible study, whether individually or with family and friends.

Videos: Four-month streaming access to all twelve lessons of The Bible and the Church Fathers.

Participant Workbook: This Participant Workbook contains inspirational quotes from Scripture, the saints, and recent popes, providing worthy material for memorization. With engaging review questions and discussion topics, the Participant Workbook will help you make this most of this powerful study.

We also recommend the following resources to enhance your study: Faith of Our Fathers by Mike Aquilina, Consuming the Word by Scott Hahn, and The Fathers of the Church by Mike Aquilina.

International customers: Because shipping internationally can be cost-prohibitive, we have made a PDF version of the book available to customers outside the United States. Click here to learn more.

Product Reviews

5 reviews for The Bible and the Church Fathers Participant Bundle

  1. nfahr47

    Our group is enjoying the study and the art work in the book is outstanding. I am disappointed that there is no information about these treasures except the title and creator/painter. We would have appreciated a little more teaching in the workbook.

  2. Frank Nitek

    From the episodes I have seen on EWTN, This is a must-watch to understanding your faith and defining it by those who don’t know the Catholic faith.

  3. Geraldine Nordsieck

    I am hosting a bible Study class using these materials. Most of my students are Senior Citizens, but to most of them all this information is new to them. They are grateful for being a part of this group and finding out this “missing information.” And they are reading and reporting back to the class the amazing resources available about the early Church Fathers. Thank you for making it all available.

  4. Sharon Peterson

    I have to admit know a we bit about scripture and catechism but l don’t no a lot about the fathers of the church. We never got taught about them but l like a challenge Godbless your all spreading the faith with fire great

  5. Ana Mendonça

    5 stars

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The Bible and the Church Fathers Participant Bundle