“Enter by the narrow gate.”—Matthew 7:13

What would you do if you had everything . . . except the most important thing? On this quest to find life-giving water, keep your ears—and your heart—open to hear the truth about what we really need for happiness.

In The Narrow Gate, Rachel and Ted Schluenderfritz present a parable about saying yes to Jesus. This wonderful read-aloud for the whole family will challenge and inspire all ages to ask what matters most. With unforgettable illustrations to stir the imagination, The Narrow Gate penetrates the heart of the Gospel and is sure to become a spiritual classic for readers young and old alike.

Rachel Schluenderfritz is the editor of 5Sparrows.com, a Catholic website for parents and children that she produces with her husband and children. She is also a contributing writer for Living Faith Kids.

Ted Schluenderfritz is the illustrator of several books, including The Old and New Series with Maura Roan McKeegan, The Attic Saint, Portrait of the Son, and In This Catholic Church. You can view more of his work on Instagram (@schluenderfritz) and at 5Sparrows.com.


“This lovely tale acts as a frigate to whisk one away to another place and time—and to an evocative depth of Christian wisdom. Profound meanings lie beneath the surface of its gentle, parable-like text, and its masterful, child-friendly art. The Narrow Gate urges its readers to think about the things and concepts that impede our entering fully into a life with Christ. It employs persons, ideas, and things familiar to children and then raises these very elements to the level of symbolism. Once the readers of this book encounter the author-artist team’s thought-provoking appendix—which, as a bonus, comprises a comprehensive study guide—they will want to return to the book time and time again to ponder what they might have missed, but which was there all along in the Schluenderfritzes’ renderings:  that in order to arrive at the font of life-giving waters, we must be willing to leave the all else behind.

Josephine Nobisso
Author of The Weight of a Mass, Portrait of the Son, and other children’s books  


“In their debut book together, Ted and Rachel Schluendefritz combine their talents to tell the story of a town filled with people who seem to have everything—yet are thirsty for more. How much will the people of this town have to give up in order to find what will truly make them happy? As the townspeople’s journey unfolds, readers’ imaginations will be captivated by the whimsical and delightful illustrations, while the unique and thought-provoking allegory invites children and adults alike to contemplate the heart of the Gospel parable of Matthew 7:13-14 in a new light.”

Maura Roan McKeegan
Award-winning author of the Old and New Series and Seven Clues: A Catholic Treasure Hunt


“Rachel and Ted Schluenderfritz’s whimsical and imaginatively illustrated fable shares a valuable message about true freedom and the most important things in life. Young and old alike will enjoy the story and take away helpful lessons for their faith, families, and life.”

Tim Drake
Author of The Attic Saint and Executive Director of Pacem in Terris Hermitage Retreat Center

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The Narrow Gate