While the Old Testament books are directed to the people of Israel, they also bear great significance for Christians who can decipher in Old Testament writings the gradual phases of God’s salvific plan. In The Old Testament in the Light of the New: The Stages of God’s Plan by Stephen B. Clark, the author provides a comprehensive presentation of how and why the Old Testament forms part of the Christian Bible and offers a program for how to read the Old as a Christian—namely, in the light of the New.

Stephen B. Clark is the former President of Sword of the Spirit, an international ecumenical Christian community. He is currently a regional missionary coordinator in the community. In addition to lecturing regularly around the world, Clark is the author of many books, including Baptized in the Spirit, Building Christian Communities, Redeemer, and Man and Woman in Christ. He resides in Chelsea, Michigan.


The Old Testament in the Light of the New is a welcome and well-done contribution to the Church’s ancient tradition of understanding what in the Old Testament anticipated and prefigured what is only fully realized in the New.” Donald Cardinal Wuerl Archbishop of Washington, D.C.


“Many Christians are perplexed about how to understand the relevance of the Old Testament to the Christian life. Stephen Clark has made a useful and ecumenically sensitive contribution to understanding this important issue.”  Ralph Martin, S.T.D. Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Consultor to the Pontifical Council for New Evangelization


“This book is an enlightened and accessible guide to Jesus’ Bible, and therefore a crucial source for understanding Jesus himself.” Gerald R. McDermott Chair in Anglican Divinity, Beeson Divinity School



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The Old Testament in the Light of the New: The Stages of God’s Plan