After the Resurrection, the apostles asked, “Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” Witnesses of the Messiah by Stephen Pimentel will guide you through the Acts of the Apostles and show you how the Church founded upon the apostles is the restoration of the kingdom. As insightful as it is easy to read, Witnesses of the Messiah is ideal for individual or group study.


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Stephen Pimentel is a writer, speaker, and apologist.


“In this important work, Stephen Pimentel shows how all of God’s actions in salvation history find their climax not only in Christ, but also in the Church. Indeed, Pimentel makes Luke’s vision of the early Church come alive by showing how the Church embodies nothing less than the Davidic kingdom restored, where faithful Israelites and Gentiles are reunited in God’s royal worldwide family. Witnesses of the Messiah captures and presents this central theme in Acts in a style that is highly accessible and compelling. Seldom does a biblical commentary combine clarity and theological insight as well as this one.”

—Scott Hahn, Bestselling Author and Speaker

“Stephen Pimentel, in his timely and valuable work, has demonstrated how the Holy Spirit acted most powerfully in the history of the early Church. His book, with its stimulating questions, furnishes us with an excellent introduction to the rich biblical theology contained within Saint Luke’s historical narrative. I believe this book will draw many people closer to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is the King and Lord of history.”

—Timothy T. O’Donnell, S.T.D., K.C.*H.S. President, Christendom College

“Catholic commentaries on Scripture were once plentiful but recently have been in short supply. That is now beginning to change, as a new generation of Catholics has begun providing excellent books and study guides to the Bible. Stephen Pimentel’s study on Acts of the Apostles is just such a book. Drawing richly upon the Old Testament, Witnesses of the Messiah pulls back the curtain to reveal the working of God with His people Israel and the Old Testament’s continuing fulfillment in the New and Eternal Covenant. This book will enlighten and educate, benefiting both the seasoned scholar and the novice dusting off the Bible for the first time.”

—Steve Ray, bestselling author and Catholic apologist

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Witnesses of the Messiah: On Acts of the Apostles 1-15