Romans: The Gospel According to St. Paul

When the St. Paul Center first launched, 10 years ago, our goal was to make it the best portal on the web for Catholics seeking to study the Scriptures in-depth. One of the ways we’ve accomplished that is through the many free online bible studies and audio courses.

From detailed looks at the Gospels to commentaries on the whole of salvation history and the letters of the Apostles, both beginners and more advanced students of the Bible can find something on to aid them in their journey towards understanding and wisdom.

This month, we’ve added to that growing collection of studies with our newest audio course, “Romans: The Gospel According to St. Paul.”

Featuring a total of nine lectures by Dr. Scott Hahn and Center Fellows Dr. John Bergsma and Dr. Brant Pitre, the course walks you chapter by chapter through the biblical book that most scholars consider Paul’s greatest theological masterpiece. Along the way, you’ll come to a deeper understanding of the Church’s teachings on justification, faith and works, spiritual fatherhood, the role of Israel in salvation history, baptism, the dignity of the body, the life of charity, and more.
All nine lectures can be downloaded for free through our Audio Course page. We encourage you to take advantage of this important new resource.