Scripture Conference at St. Vincent Seminary

On June 15, the St. Paul Center along with St. Vincent Seminary and Archabbey welcomed over 100 ordained (or soon to be ordained) men to our fourth annual Priests, Deacons, and Seminarians Conference. The five-day gathering was our largest yet. It was also, according to the men in attendance, our most successful.

The conference, which took place on the campus of St. Vincent’s Seminary in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, was a time of reflection and renewal.

Dr. Brant Pitre, Dr. Scott Hahn and Dr. John Bergsma

It was also a time of study, with Center President Dr. Scott Hahn and Center Fellows Dr. John Bergsma and Dr. Brant Pitre leading the men through the Book of Romans and probing the insights of St. Paul on salvation and suffering, sacrifice and sacrament.

Above all, the conference was a time for heeding the advice of Pope John Paul II. Not long before his death, he wrote: “Progress in the Christian life cannot be achieved except by continually promoting among the faithful, and above all among priests, a ‘warm and living knowledge of Scripture.’”

That is what the St. Paul Center’s Priests, Deacons, and Seminarians Conference is all about. And that is what the men who attended the conference—men who have given their lives to serving God, his Church, and us—took away from this year’s conference.
Here is just some of the feedback we received from them:

  • “The presentations were faithful, sincere, heartfelt, intelligent, and inspiring. This conference made me feel good about being a priest.”
  • “This conference was a great opportunity to hear top-rated scholars present information that encouraged both learning and reflection. The enthusiasm of the speakers was contagious.”
  • “It was a wonderful week of learning and fellowship. Our shared passion, zeal, knowledge, and love for the Lord were inspiring.”
  • “The central importance given to time for prayer showed that this is not a conference just for intellectual pursuits, but rather a conference meant to inspire us to be better conformed to Christ so that we may conform others.”