What is Verbum?

Verbum is a powerful way to engage the Tradition of the Church. Just as you shouldn’t read any book of the Bible in isolation, why would you read any book in isolation? Dynamic footnotes, powerful search tools, and advanced note-taking options make Verbum a powerful research assistant, helping you explore and connect Scripture, Church teaching, and the works of Catholic theologians past and present.

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How Verbum Can Help You

St. Paul Center Verbum Libraries

The St. Paul Center has partnered with Verbum to produce three libraries packed with the best content from Emmaus Road, Emmaus Academic, and Journey through Scripture. Check them out and share them with your friends or your parish priest. Verbum is the perfect gift for priests, deacons, seminarians, catechists, and youth ministers.


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Verbum’s parent company, Faithlife, provides full customer service and technical support for St. Paul Center libraries

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If you already own a Verbum library or wish to upgrade from one St. Paul Center library to a higher one, you may be eligible for a dynamic pricing discount from Verbum.

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