The Springtime of Evangelization

As we mark the ten year anniversary of Saint John Paul II’s death, the St. Paul Center is reflecting on the many gifts our Holy Father left to the Church. Among them, his call for a “new springtime of evangelization” resounds even more profoundly today.

The new evangelization is in full swing, and every Christian is called to partake in this mission of renewal through the spreading of the Gospel.

But what’s at the core of the new evangelization? It’s not about street corners and sandwich boards. The new evangelization, as John Paul II envisioned, requires a dynamic relationship with the living God and a willingness to share the graces that stem from this life-altering friendship.

Want to know more about Saint John Paul II’s vision for the new evangelization? Click on the play button above to listen to Scott Hahn talk all about this exciting labor of love every Catholic can undertake.