Three Books to Read for a Joyful Easter

Easter Sunday might be over, but the Easter season lasts fifty days! Here are three books to read to have a joyful Easter season.

A Joyful Noise: Praying the Psalms with the Early Church by Mike Aquilina 

How can we transition from the austerity of Lent to the celebration of Easter without getting lost in the noise of the world? Mike Aquilina recommends the Psalms as the Church’s perennial remedy to the clamor of worldly cares. Learn how to join in the symphony of the Psalms. Go deeper into this season of joy.

The Adventure of Discipleship by Daniel A. Keating 

Jesus tells us that to be his disciple we must surrender everything and, with his grace, brave the path provided for us by God. Such a sojourn will surely be marked by joy, suffering, uncertainty, and—above all—adventure. Embark on that adventure this Easter.



Looking at a Masterpiece by Madeleine Stebbins

“A picture’s worth a thousand words.” It might be a cliche, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Beautiful art can evoke the strongest and purest of emotionsfrom the awe we feel at looking at a masterpiece, we feel the joy, sorrow, pain, and love it portrays. Grow in your appreciation for the classic masterpieces, and at the same time meditate on the timeless truths they convey.

Bonus: What to Listen to for Easter

The Fulfillment of All Desire: A Guidebook for the Journey to God Based on the Wisdom of the Saints by Ralph Martin

Ralph Martin’s modern classic is our recommendation for any season. Want to spend Lent growing in your spiritual life? We recommend The Fulfillment of All Desire. Want to celebrate Easter by discovering the universal call to holiness? We recommend The Fulfillment of All Desire. That’s because you can’t have better spiritual guides than the saints, and Ralph Martin brings their timeless advice to life for a modern audience. Try listening to the audiobook for great spiritual advice during the Easter season.