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Verbum is your digital platform for studying the Catholic faith. By giving you unparalleled access to a vast number of Catholic books, it will transform the way you interact with the Tradition. Instead of just reading volumes individually, you can explore your entire library by topic or reference and follow ideas through multiple texts. Link from any quote to its source with a click, or double-click a word to look it up. With Verbum, every word is an opportunity for deeper study.

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Verbum has dozens of powerful tools and features designed to help you get the most out of your studies. Here are a few highlights:

About Verbum

Verbum is the Catholic version of Logos Bible Software, which is made by the Faithlife Corporation.

Founded in 1992, Logos has grown from a couple of programmers in a basement into the largest developer of Bible study software and a worldwide leader in multilingual electronic publishing.

Like Faithlife’s other brands and products, Verbum connects Christians from all walks of life. From Vyrso (a Christian ebook store and ereader app) to Faithlife Groups (a social network that connects Christians from all over the world), Faithlife seeks to use technology to equip the Church to grow in the light of the Bible.

St. Paul Center Libraries

The St. Paul Center has partnered with Verbum to produce three libraries packed with the best content from Emmaus Road, Emmaus Academic, and Journey through Scripture. Check them out and share them with your friends or your parish priest. Verbum is the perfect gift for priests, deacons, seminarians, catechists, and youth ministers.