December 2010

Ruth and Advent

The Book of Ruth is rarely mentioned during Advent, but it makes for good Advent meditation. There are obvious connections between Ruth and the Christmas story. Both Bo’az and Ruth are mentioned in Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew 1. Outside of Matthew and Luke, only in Ruth do we have a story about a pious young

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A Christmas Invitation

Advent is a profound moment in the Church’s year. As we pray the Mass, as we hear the readings, as we ponder the mysteries, we’re really studying the grand panorama of salvation history. In these few short weeks, we relive the longing and expectation of God’s people as they awaited the Messiah. It’s also a

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The Great St. Ambrose

Today is the memorial of the great St. Ambrose. Bishop of Milan, friend of Augustine and Monica, great teacher of the Milanese clergy, and greatmystagogue for the laity, Ambrose is one of my favorite figures from the era of the Fathers. From the first post on this blog, I’ve returned to him again and again (sometimes in friendly disagreement

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St. Nicholas Day

Happy St. Nicholas Day! My friend Carl Sommer worked on a graphic novel for the occasion, and you can view it in its entirety online at Catholic Heroes of the Faith. Here’s my take on ol’ St. Nick — as a patron of a particular kind of ecumenical dialogue. There’s a certain kind of Catholic

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