Reformation-Era Problems

Reformation-Era Problems By Casey J. Chalk April 28, 2023 Unsurprisingly, once the Reformation dispensed with an accepted interpretive authority to arbitrate theological disagreements, competing theological and interpretive ideas multiplied like wildfire, with no way to resolve them. These problems began almost immediately after Luther’s ideas took hold across Germany and then the European continent. Catholic …

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The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure By Peter & Debra Herbeck February 20, 2023 I characterize family life, and particularly the noble vocation of fatherhood, as the Great Adventure. Most men have a difficult time perceiving this. Instead, we pursue greatness through the achievement of high goals and heroic efforts outside the family—through sports, business, and military service …

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Give God Permission

Give God Permission By Peter & Debra Herbeck February 6, 2023 Just as we had done in our individual lives, together we actively and intentionally put our marriage under the Lordship of Jesus and began with the right foundation. We didn’t just invite the living God into our well-intentioned plans, we gave Him permission to …

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