Year: 2012

Why Jesus was Baptized and Tempted?; with John Bergsma

In this episode of The Sacred Page Podcast John Bergsma joins me to discuss why Jesus was baptized and tempted in the wilderness? Here we talk about Creation imagery, Exodus motifs, and Davidic typology in the Gospel accounts—and how they are all tied together! Get more of John Bergsma’s CDs at  

Ushering in the New Year of Faith!

The Apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!” (Luke 17:5). That’s been the constant cry not only of the Lord’s Apostles, but of every disciple since Day One of the New Testament. Deep faith got Jesus’ attention (seeMatthew 8:10) and moved him to perform miracles (see Matthew 9:2 and 22). Shallow faith brought on his rebuke (see Matthew …

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The Feast of St. Basil

Mike Aquilina discusses the life and legacy of the Bishop of Caesarea, and one of the most distinguished Doctors of the Church, Saint Basil the Great!