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Social justice, personal virtue, the many faces of virtue, donald demarco

What Is Social Justice without Personal Virtue?

The expression “social justice” has been particularly well marketed. Everyone, it seems, is a champion of social justice. Groups may disagree with each other on nearly every moral issue but, when it comes to social justice, they all stand up and salute.

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Fr. James Schall, Catholicism and Intelligence

What Replaces Christianity in a “Post-Christian World”?

We often hear expressions like “the post-Christian era” to describe the time in which we live. It is not a bad phrase provided we realize that every step in rejecting a Christian teaching keeps that very teaching before our eyes. Just as Christianity preserved many pagan practices, a “post-Christian era” will retain many Christian customs

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Reading the Sermons of Thomas Aquinas, Randall Smith, The art of memory

The Art of Memory in Thomas Aquinas

There have been some partisans in the past who have claimed that theologians in the Middle Ages like Thomas Aquinas were not “biblical” or that they did not take the Bible seriously enough.

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2020 Priest Conference West: Scripture and the Sacred Mysteries

January 6–9, 2020 Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa La Jolla, CA Join Scott Hahn, John Bergsma, Tim Gray, and Fr. John Riccardo for a refreshing four days of spiritual renewal. Spiritual Refreshment, Theological and Scriptural Formation, and Authentic Fellowship Find your priesthood and your ministry rooted in Scripture at the St. Paul Center’s 2020

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