Month: November 2019

Augustine on the Eucharist

There’s no theologian more famous or more influential in the West than Augustine of Hippo. The story of his conversion, the Confessions, is one of the most famous Christian books outside the Bible itself, and simply taken as literature, it’s a masterpiece. Many critics would say it’s the first real autobiography: Augustine writes not just the events of his life but even more about the inner workings of his own soul. No one ever subjected himself to a more merciless self-examination. 

The Lost Prophecy of the Eucharist

The new day dawns first on Kiribati. It has to start somewhere, and the International Date Line makes a sudden dodge to the east to avoid slicing this sprawling chain of coral atolls in two with the blade of the calendar. It’s a country with a Catholic majority, and as the first rays of sunlight gild the tops of the coconut palms, morning Mass is already under way.  

Letting Go of Affection for Sin

I loved studying the teachings of the greatest doctors of the church in the area of spirituality. It took me a long time from starting with John of the Cross and working through all six of the doctors I present in The Fulfillment of All Desire but I can’t tell you how helpful their wisdom has been for my own life and what a valuable resource this book has been for tens of thousands of its readers (and listeners!). I think God gave me the grace to be able to present their teachings in a clear, understandable, orderly way providing an amazing road map for all of us as we continue on the spiritual journey. Let me, in this short blog, share just one of the many amazing and helpful insights that have meant a lot to many people, including myself. Francis de Sales provides important insight into something he calls “affection for sin.”