Month: August 2020

Only in Jesus: God’s Personal Invitation

The act of Christian faith has an essentially tangible character that constitutes perhaps the most serious challenge for those who take the leap of faith: to believe “that the fate of all history, our fate, depends on one individual: Jesus of Nazareth.” 

Villains of the Early Church, Mike Aquilina, Jesus before Pilate

To Stand with Christ and Defend the Faith

When Origen wrote his introduction to the book Against Celsus, he drew a picture no apologist can afford to forget. He described our Lord standing alone and silent before His accusers in the judgment hall. Shrill voices bore discordant charges against Him, and He would not speak in His own defense. The great Alexandrian made it very clear that the silence of Jesus was freighted with meaning. The important thing there in that courtroom was Jesus Himself. The men who surged about Him knew well what He had said and what He had done. The Saviour wished them to consider only that.  

Where Is Mary’s Assumption in the Bible?

The dogma of the Assumption teaches that at the end of her time on earth, Mary was taken up—body and soul—into heaven. There, she sits at her Son’s right hand, as Queen of Heaven and Earth. The foundation for the teaching is rooted in Scripture, specifically in John’s mysterious and apocalyptic vision recorded in Revelation 12.