Month: March 2021

Holy Triduum, Holy Thursday, Good Friday

Understanding the Holy Triduum

The feasts of Holy Week—Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter—are fulfillments of the three spring Jewish feasts with which they originally coincided. We refer to the three great liturgies of Holy Week—the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday evening, Good Friday services, and the Easter Vigil—as the Holy Triduum. In the year of Christ’s death, the Jewish Passover on 14 Nisan would have begun at sundown on Thursday, the same evening as the celebration of the Last Supper and been completed at sundown on Good Friday, the day of His death.

20th Anniversary Gala

20th Anniversary Gala (2021) Highlights

Scott and Kimberly Hahn and the St. Paul Center Board of Trustees request the honor of your company at our landmark 20th Anniversary Gala in Orlando, Florida. Special guests include Jonathan Roumie, star of the blockbuster show The Chosen, and our co-founder, bestselling author Michael Aquilina. As a special honor, George Cardinal Pell will join us virtually to accept the Good Shepherd Award and give a rare reflection.

meatless friday, stations of the cross, lent

Everything You Want to Know about Lent Explained

Lent is the season for turning away from sin and living a life more conformed to the will and plan of God. Penitential practices are a means to that end. Like diet and exercise for the athlete, prayer, mortification, and almsgiving are ways for the Catholic to grow in faith and get closer to Jesus.  

St. Joseph and Jesus, Fr. Boniface Hicks, Through the Heart of St. Joseph

Now is the Time of St. Joseph: How to Grow in Relationship with Him

It took the Church nearly 1,500 years (in 1481) to establish a liturgical feast for St. Joseph and nearly 1,900 years (in 1889) to publish the first encyclical about him. This encyclical came just after he was officially raised up to a great status in devotion by Bl. Pius IX, who officially declared him the protector of the universal Church in 1870. Every subsequent pope has published a significant teaching on St. Joseph, and many of them have inscribed that teaching in the official liturgical practice of the Roman Rite.

Love extravagant, curtis mitch, lent, crucifixion

Love Extravagant: Jesus on the Cross

Every year in Lent the Church directs our thoughts to Jesus on the Cross. This is the sacred center of everything we believe and celebrate as Catholic Christians. Take away the Cross and you take away our salvation. Take away our salvation and everything “good” about the good news of the gospel evaporates.

2022 April Priest Conference

Find your priesthood and your ministry rooted in Scripture at the 2022 April Priest Conference. Join Drs. Scott Hahn, John Bergsma, and more for three days of engaging talks, fellowship with your brother priests, and spiritual renewal.

Where Is the Mass in the Bible?

As a zealous Evangelical high schooler, Scott Hahn would challenge his Catholic classmates with this question: “Where in the New Testament do you find the sacrifice of the Mass?” Not having a clear understanding of Scripture, his classmates could not refute Scott’s question and some became convinced that their Catholic faith had no biblical foundations.