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The Road to Emmaus

Why Celibacy?

Should married men be ordained priests? Is celibacy still important for the priesthood? The Amazon Synod has made celibacy a hot button topic—but what hasn’t been talked about is how celibacy builds up the Church and why it is a gift, not a burden. Scott Hahn and Fr. Carter Griffin challenge us to rethink celibacy—and fatherhood—on this episode. 

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Sunday Bible Reflections

Aaron and Hur holding up Moses's arms

Hope from on High: Scott Hahn Reflects on the Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Lord is our guardian, beside us at our right hand, interceding for us in all our spiritual battles. In today’s Psalm we’re told to lift our eyes to the mountains, that our help will come from Mount Zion and ...
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St. Paul Center Presents

How Was Pagan Rome Brought to Christ?

This week on St. Paul Center Presents, we look at the question of how the pagan Roman empire was brought to Christ. It wasn’t any of the spectacular things we normally think of like miracles and inspiring preaching. Historians have shown that the most significant factor was regular people living ...
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