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The Road to Emmaus

How to Approach the Bible

Listening to Scripture scholars discuss the Bible makes reading the Word of God seem straightforward. But it’s easy to feel discouraged when we approach it ourselves. On this episode, Scott Hahn assures us that when he first started studying the Bible, he felt just as confused. Here’s a quick beginner’s guide to reading Scripture.

Beloved and Blessed

She Is Far More Precious Than Jewels

In Proverbs 31, the Queen Mother tells her son the king that a good woman is “far more precious than jewels.” Our world exalts beauty, talent, fame, career, and possessions. But alone, these fail to fulfill and distract us from the one standard that really matters. The world judges from externals, but God judges the heart—and in God, we find our worth.

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Sunday Bible Reflections

The Forerunners of Christ with Saints and Martyrs

Saints, Here and There: Scott Hahn Reflects on the Solemnity of All Saints

The first reading focuses us for today’s solemnity. In the Book of Revelation, St. John reports “a vision of a great multitude, which no one could count, from every nation, race, people, and tongue.” This is Good News. Salvation has ...
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St. Paul Center Presents

The Temptation on the Mount

Practical Spiritual Warfare

Mike Aquilina and Rob Corzine continue the conversation with Adam Blai, the author of Hauntings, Possessions, and Exorcisms, with some very practical advice about how to respond (and how not to respond) to demonic activity. Knowing the Church’s teaching as well as the real world experience of demonologists and exorcists should keep us ...
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