Beloved and Blessed

Based on the wisdom of Scripture, especially Proverbs 31, the Beloved and Blessed podcast speaks to the desires and strengths of women in all walks of life.

beloved and blessed, kimberly hahn

Why Marriage Is a Permanent Sacrament 

The Catholic Church calls us to be faithful to Jesus’ plan for faithful, lifelong marriage between one man and one ...
beloved and blessed, kimberly hahn

What God Has Joined

Jesus brings us back to God’s original plan for marriage when he gives his teaching against divorce. Kimberly Hahn shares ...
beloved and blessed, kimberly hahn

Catholic Teaching on Divorce

Why does Jesus forbid divorce? What does the Church teach? Kimberly Hahn looks to Scripture and tradition to explain.     ...
beloved and blessed, kimberly hahn

Should We Think about Our Spouse Before We Meet Him? 

Kimberly Hahn explains the importance of preparing for our spouse before marriage, how to cherish him during marriage, and how ...
beloved and blessed, kimberly hahn

**Father’s Day Bonus Episode** Lessons from My Father in Faith and Family

On this special episode of Beloved and Blessed, Kimberly Hahn shares the impact her father has had on her understanding ...
beloved and blessed, kimberly hahn

How to Fight Fair and Find Forgiveness 

Conflicts will occur in our marriage no matter how spiritual we are. But the goal is to live life in ...

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