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Whether young or old(er), courtship and dating should be taken seriously.

In this episode, we continue our conversation about the intricate dance of dating and courtship, exploring the pivotal question: When are they ready for courtship?

Kimberly Hahn guides us through the nuances of courtship, emphasizing its significance as a prelude to marriage, rooted in a readiness for family life. Drawing from her own experiences and timeless wisdom, she shares insights on discerning maturity for marriage and navigating the complexities of timing in relationships.

From the foundation of friendship to intentional courtship, Kimberly unpacks the elements of honorable courtship, highlighting the importance of compatibility, shared convictions, and safeguarding purity. Through anecdotes and practical advice, she illuminates the beauty of courtship as a family affair, inviting us to embrace a more profound approach to romance guided by faith.

As we journey through the principles of courtship, Kimberly offers invaluable questions for reflection and discernment, guiding both parents and young adults towards a more excellent way of love. From exploring compatibility to embracing accountability, each step in the courtship process is imbued with intentionality and grace.

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