Month: August 2021

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St. Faustina on Trust

In our day and age, trust and mercy are as popular as tape recorders and fax machines: people wonder if they’re still around and working. Yes, they are. And when combined, their credibility is off the charts. 

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St. Augustine on Christian Friendship

No one had more complicated thoughts about friendship than Augustine, who died in the year 430 at the age of 75. That may be partly because we have so much of his writing, and over a long life his opinions must have developed.

Matt Fradd, How to Be Happy, Scrupulosity

Jesus Refuses to Believe You When You Say You’re Not Worthy of Love

People who struggle with scrupulosity often think that any little misstep is a mortal sin, which is just flat out wrong. Every time we go to Holy Communion, we’re essentially saying, I’m confident that I’m in a state of grace. And this gave me a tremendous confidence. As my spiritual director said to me, “Matthew, when you come to Christ, when you accept his salvation, you are standing on a mountain, okay? And this mountain is not easy to slip off of. In fact, you can’t slip off of it. If you want to throw yourself off of this mountain, you can, but that takes a free, deliberate, conscious choice.”

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Real Presence Renewal: Scott Hahn in Westminster, MD

Join Scott Hahn at Saint John Parish in Westminster on September 11, 2021, for a free day of retreat focused on the Holy Eucharist. As part of Saint John Parish’s Real Presence Renewal, you’ll grow deeper in devotion to the Eucharist through engaging talks and time with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. 

Emily Stimpson Chapman, Letters to Myself

Look to Mary

I wasn’t going to write this morning, as Toby’s godparents and their four girls are still here with us, and we have a day full of plans. I didn’t want to close out this particular series of letters, however, without a word about the Blessed Mother.