October 2020

Confusion in the Church

It’s clear that we are living in a time of confusion and division, both in the Church and in the world. I am not qualified to evaluate whether this is the worst confusion the Church has seen or not—we have been through some pretty bad times over the centuries—but it is serious. And it is our time and our confusion, so it is something we must deal with.  

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Kimberly Hahn, Stacy Mitch, beloved and blessed, courageous women, proverbs 31

Scripture Is a Love Letter: How to Read It

The Bible, which once seemed to me a collection of loosely related stories, actually fits together to tell a divine love story—an unmatched masterpiece telling the tale of God’s inexhaustible love for His children. The Good Book is really our family history book, telling us how our beloved Father, throughout all of history, has sought to save the lost and unite His family forever in their heavenly home.  

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