Month: July 2021

Emily Stimpson Chapman, Letters to Myself

Focus on the Duty of the Moment

At the end of our days, the Catholic Church teaches that every human person must reckon with the same realities. She calls these the “Four Last Things”: Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell. We all will die. We all will meet Christ the Judge. And we all will enter into the eternity which we freely chose through our actions in the world. 

decline and fall of sacred scripture, Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wiker

Luther and the Separation of the Laity from Knowledge of Scripture

Martin Luther rejected the Catholic Church’s declared authority to be the interpreter of Scripture for two reasons. First, in his eyes, the evident corruption of the Church, especially the papacy, entirely undermined the Church’s claim to be the divinely ordained, magisterial caretaker of orthodoxy through its tradition (traditio) of interpretation. 

Andrew Willard Jones, The Two Cities, digital revolution

The Gods of the Digital Revolution Won’t Share Space with Followers of the Lord God

What Christians are currently witnessing is that the gods of burgeoning postmodernity are not, in the end, interested in sharing space with the Lord God. Even if Christians are willing to leave these gods alone, the gods themselves have no intention of leaving Christians alone. Pagans sooner or later realize that Christianity cannot really be just another cult, that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob can never really be just another god in their pantheon. Pagans recognize— often, it seems, before Christians themselves—that true Christianity just can’t fit in.