Month: May 2022

St. Paul Center Priest Conference 2021

Be Strong and Courageous: 2022 July Virtual Conference

Be Strong and Courageous: 2022 July Virtual Conference July 18-22, 2022 Now Streaming! Already Registered? Click Here for Full Access Click Here for Free Access This summer, don’t miss a week full of talks from top Catholic scholars and beautiful streamed liturgies! July 18-22, discover the Scriptural roots to the fundamental practices of the faith …

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Why Jesus Ascended into Heaven

Forty days after the Resurrection, the Apostles witnessed the entry of Jesus’ humanity into divine glory as he ascended into the heavens and disappeared into a cloud—a symbol of God’s presence and glory.

The Sanctity of Marriage

Our civilization is crumbling from within, and one of the reasons is no-fault divorce. Many celebrities seem to mock marriage, with multiple extravagant weddings, tabloid-reported affairs and public court battles for custody of children. Perhaps their struggle is greater than the average person’s, as they try to balance fame, demanding careers and their private lives. Nevertheless, what started in Hollywood forty years ago is the norm today in many communities.

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If Christ Defeated Death, Why Do We Die?

Christ truly died on the Cross. It was not faked, and it was not a trick or sleight of hand. His death was the real thing, involving pain, aloneness, and removal from the living. Yet when He bowed His thorn-crowned head and uttered the earth-shaking words, “It is finished” (John 19:30), it was not His life that was finished but rather the reign of death.