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St. Peter is the perfect example of what it means to give our lives to God. That doesn’t mean he was perfect—far from it. He questions, he doubts, he even denies Our Lord three times. But he always repents and accepts forgiveness. On this episode of The Road to Emmaus, Scott Hahn challenges us to say yes to Jesus. 

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In times when we look around and don’t see much good in the Church, there are always signs of holiness to encourage us to press on. Read the incredible reflections of Fr. Arne Panula in The Last Homily, edited by Mary Eberstadt. 

It can be difficult to recognize our weaknesses and trust that God will help us to overcome them. In The Fulfillment of All Desire, Ralph Martin draws from the writings of seven Doctors of the Church to offer their advice on overcoming temptations, persevering in hope, and continuously turning our eyes to the Lord. 

Sanctification is an ongoing process. Listen to this free interview with Scott Hahn on how we’re sanctified every day. 

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