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St. Joseph and His Angels

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Scripture never shows St. Joseph speaking, yet he plays such an important role in the Church—he stands as one of the most interesting figures in our history. One unique feature of his presence in Scripture is that, in almost all of the passages he’s referenced in, he is accompanied by angels. On this episode of The Road to Emmaus, Mike Aquilina, one of Scott Hahn’s good friends and co-founder of the St. Paul Center, explores the four “annunciations” to St. Joseph. 

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To learn more about spiritual fatherhood, modeled so well by St. Joseph, check out Why Celibacy?: Reclaiming the Fatherhood of the Priest by Fr. Carter Griffin.  

Fr. Boniface Hicks, OSB, is an expert on St. Joseph’s role in the Church. In this blog post, learn how St. Joseph is the model of the priesthood. 

Learn more about our unique relationship with the angels in Mike Aquilina’s A Year with the Angels: Daily Meditations with the Messengers of God. 

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