You’re in for the challenge of your life

it’s time to draw closer to

with scripture as your guide

Start September 30, End October 29

Scripture matters because – from the Old to the New – it leads us to Jesus. How will your life change?
In what new way will Scripture become a cornerstone of your relationship with the Lord?


Here is your challenge

Our objective at the St. Paul Center is to provide resources and encouragement to inspire you to a greater knowledge and love of Scripture, so you can more deeply incorporate it into your life.
Join us from September 30 to October 28.

Week 1

Scripture & Building Knowledge

Emmaus Academy

Your objective for week 1: Enroll in a course on Emmaus Academy

As part of the challenge, you’ll engage in a unique experience and learn from the experts. Want to learn how to study the Bible? Or learn about St. Paul? Or Prayer? Maybe the Psalms? It’s all here, and more, on our new platform!

Emmaus Academy

Week 2

Scripture & the Liturgy

The Word of the Lord

Your objective for week 2: Prepare for Sunday Mass with Word of the Lord

As part of the challenge, prepare for Mass with Scripture! Join John Bergsma and Scott Hahn as they explore the Liturgy of the Word – bringing clear insights and reflections to the Sunday Mass readings. Sign up to uncover the bonus challenges for week 2.

Word of the Lord

Week 3

Scripture & Study

Genesis to Jesus

Your objective for week 3: Deepen your understanding of Scriptures

As part of the challenge, you can preview our world-class Journey Through Scripture Bible studies. They combine rich and engaging teaching with stunning videography!

Journey Through Scripture

Week 4

Scripture & Culture


Your objective for week 4: Explore our books, blog, podcasts, and YouTube channel

As part of the challenge you can fully immerse in all of our content. As part of our mission we provide free, shareable content through our weekly blog, four podcasts, and YouTube channel. Oh, and watch for the bonus challenge about your next great Catholic read!

Explore Our Books Listen to Our Podcasts Subscribe to Our Channel

Share what matters most

At the St. Paul Center, we value Scripture first and foremost. Our mission is to share the Word of God with as many people as possible. Help us and invite your friends and family to journey with you during these four weeks.

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Is this really free?

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What if I don’t complete every weekly challenge?

That’s okay! The challenges are there to give you ideas and provide resources that help you form new habits. We’re not keeping score. The goal is for you to learn to know and love Scripture more so that you draw closer to Christ through it. Participate as much as is reasonable for you to accomplish that goal.

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If this is free, why do I have to put in my credit card?

In order to set this free program up the way we do, we have to make you a supporter, which includes having your contact and credit card information in our system. As long as you cancel before November 3, you will not be charged as a continuing supporter… although we hope by the end of this Challenge you’ll WANT to continue!

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