Discernment: Tips for Teens

By Amy Smith 

Amy Smith is associate editor of the National Catholic Register, where she edits features and likes to write about everything from hope and saints (her favorites are Thérèse and Gianna) to Jane Austen. She's the author of The Plans God Has for You: Hopeful Lessons for Young Women

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Photo Credit: Ben White

“What does God want for my life?” This is a question every Christian asks themselves. But finding answers can be hard. Here are five tips for finding God’s will.

1. Listen!

God speaks in the silence of the heart. When you present your needs to Him, be open to the different ways He may answer you.

2. Know Your Priorities

God should always be first, then family, then school, work, etc. St. John Vianney said, “Here is a rule for everyday life: Do not do anything which you cannot offer to God.”

3. Pray!

Prayer is essential. If you don’t pray regularly, start with the Our Father. And then, keep praying. Pray until something happens. God will speak through circumstances and the peace of your heart (or lack of it) to guide you.

4. Seek Wise Counsel

Consult the writings of the saints and Church teaching, seek the advice of those whose opinions you value.

5. Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

If something is not bringing you closer to Christ, it’s not worth it. Keep your focus on Jesus and have no fear as you go through the ups and downs of life.

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