Amid all the noise in the world, how is a girl supposed to hear the quiet voice of God speaking to her heart?

The Plans God Has for You: Hopeful Lessons for Young Women will remind women that God is the key to happiness and understanding one’s place and purpose in the world. The beloved, hope-filled Scripture will help young women:

  • hear God amid the noise of the world,
  • discern God’s will for their life,
  • trust God to help them find true happiness,
  • discover the importance of prayer, and
  • see how Christ can help them achieve true friendships, find true love, and have good family relationships and a fulfilling career.

This book will inspire you to trust God’s plan for your life and encourage you to live hopefully by using Jeremiah 29:11 as a means to discuss timely topics, while drawing upon Scripture, the Catechism and the saints, as well as pop-culture and real-life examples—and even Jane Austen! 

Amy Smith is associate editor of the National Catholic Register, where she edits features and likes to write about everything from hope and saints (her favorites are Thérèse and Gianna) to Jane Austen.



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“Navigating the world as a young Catholic woman today is no easy task! Amy Smith has put together a wealth of wisdom, truth, and beauty in this gem of a book. What a wonderful guide to accompany any woman at any age or stage of life!”—Sarah Swafford, speaker and author of Emotional Virtue

“This simple little book is such a gift to young women who long to know the Lord’s plans and live by them. It is a delight to read, filled with great insights and encouragement, and rich explanations of Church teachings, prayers, and the lives of the saints.”—Katie Prejean McGrady, Speaker and Author of Follow: Your Lifelong Adventure with Jesus

“Comforting, hopeful, beautifully reassuring and humbly empowering, The Plans God Has for You is a treasure trove of wisdom for young Catholic women. Read in a group, with a best friend, or savor it on your own—no need for coffee because this book brings its own warmth with every single chapter.”Katie Warner, author of Head & Heart, A Parent Who Prays, and the First Faith Treasury series 

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The Plans God Has for You: Hopeful Lessons for Young Women