It’s Not Too Early to Think about Easter

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This Lent at the St. Paul Center, we’re going back to the foundations of what it means to be Catholic, of what it means to be an adopted son or daughter of God. And we’re doing it using the tools God has given us—Sacred Scripture and Tradition.  

Lent is all about preparing our hearts for Christ’s resurrection from the dead. In her wisdom, the Church sets aside forty days to put us back in right relationship with our God to prepare for His coming. Easter reminds us of who we are and who Christ is—and although in a secularized world it often gets demoted behind Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day, Easter is the most important celebration we have. That’s because Easter is the most important event in history.  

We know Easter is a celebration of Christ’s rising from the dead on the third day, but do we realize how incredible an event this really is? Not just that Jesus rose from the dead—a once-in-history event, unbelievable without faith—but that this once-in-history event was the culmination of all history? 

We know Jesus became man and endured great suffering to set us free from sin and make us adopted sons and daughters of God. But do we know why? Do we know that He bore all the curses of previously broken covenants God made with His chosen people? In order to ratify the New Covenant, He freely accepted the consequences of all those broken oaths. Although blameless, He took the punishment for the unfaithfulness of His people throughout history—both before Him and those who would come after. For in being the one and only to remain faithful, by following all God’s commands for us in self-offering, He created an everlasting, universal covenant that binds Jew and Gentile. He brings all into God’s family through the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. 

Although Lent is a penitential season, reflecting on the passion, death, and resurrection should also inspire joy that God has called us into His family through the blood of His only son, Jesus.  

God provides His children with the means to map out our family history in Scripture through Tradition and the liturgy. And that is the genius of the Catholic treasure: to possess the map and have the tools to read it, and proclaim it in its true home. In the genius of God’s provisions, everyone can read and understand the Bible, and everyone can live out their important, essential part of the plan through the sacraments.  

So, this Lent will you join us in going back to where it all began? Will you read the story God has told throughout all history as we prepare for its culmination and fulfillment at Easter? Will you learn where you fit in, in time to live it out to the fullest when you receive the Eucharist on Easter Sunday? 

If you’re ready to rediscover the plot of God’s divine love story, join us as we spend Lent journeying through Scripture with Genesis to Jesus 

Genesis to Jesus is our newest video Bible study, but it’s really the study that inspired it all for the St. Paul Center. Our whole mission to promote biblical literacy is based around the idea that everyone should be able to read the Bible as it was meant to be read, from the heart of the Church, in service to the liturgy. And that’s exactly what we’ve accomplished with this study. For fifteen years, we’ve been personally presenting Genesis to Jesus around the country, and it’s been changing lives as people understand for the first time where they fit in. And now, with modern technology and a team of incredible talent, we finally have the ability to bring this study to more people without losing any of its impact. 

You don’t need a theology degree to read the Bible like a theologian. You don’t need to be a scholar to study Scripture. In God’s wisdom, He’s given us all the tools we need. So we haven’t reinvented the wheel. We’ve just gathered all the pieces in one place.  

We’re beyond excited to rediscover God’s fatherly plan this Lent. We hope you join us for a powerful journey that culminates at Easter Mass.  

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