Catholicism and Intelligence is a collection of essays that challenge the reader to see God in what-is, in the reality of our world. Engaging some of the finest minds of the past—Chesterton, Plato, Augustine, and even Charlie Brown—Schall speaks to the present with incisive clarity, illustrating how revelation informs and strengthens the natural light of reason, enabling humanity to see reality most clearly. Catholicism and Intelligence affirms that a truly Catholic mind is radically and uniquely capable of sifting through competing worldviews.


About the author:

Fr. James V. Schall, S.J. (1928-2019), was an American Jesuit Catholic priest, teacher, writer, and philosopher. He authored more than thirty books, including Another Sort of Learning. Fr. Schall’s essays have appeared in numerous publications, such as Crisis, Gilbert, Saint Austin Review, The Review of Politics, The Thomist, Commonweal, New Oxford Review, Homiletic & Pastoral Review, and others. He was ordained a priest in 1963.


About the series:

The great Christian Tradition has always affirmed that the world in which we live is a reflection of its divine source, a place perhaps torn apart by sin but still charged with busy and bustling creatures disclosing the beautiful presence of God. The Living Faith series consists of eminent Catholic authors who seek to help Christians navigate their way in this world.



“This book is chock full of the wisdom of old age, like a fine wine. It is a delightful journey of well-ordered ancient truths marching through the dark forest of non-delightful and disordered modern falsehoods. It reveals the catastrophic consequences of Protestant, Islamic, and secular-humanist voluntarisms, which implicitly ‘play God’ by their reversal of the fundamental relationship between the human mind and objective reality.”

Peter Kreeft
Author of dozens of books, including Handbook of Catholic Apologetics


“There are many books on the relation of faith and reason. Some of them are trustworthy guides to the subject, some not. What Fr. Schall has produced here is eminently trustworthy. He gives not only a sound picture of what it means to be an intelligent Catholic on a vast range of topics, but with daring and accuracy he identifies the erroneous paths most likely to lead an intelligent Catholic astray.”

Fr. Joseph W. Koterski, S.J.
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Fordham University
Editor-in-Chief, International Philosophical Quarterly


“Fr. James Schall has been described as America’s Chesterton. His latest book is a collection of his perennial thoughts illustrating both his literary abilities and his deeply Catholic intellect. This set of essays showcases what it might mean to place one’s intelligence in the service of Christ.”

Tracey Rowland
St. John Paul II Chair of Theology,
University of Notre Dame (Australia)

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Catholicism and Intelligence