Aristotle’s Metaphysics is foundational for the philosophical study of those speculative objects that extend beyond the realm of natural science: being, unity, goodness—Aristotle here begins the scientific treatment of what transcends the physical.  St. Thomas Aquinas’s justly renowned commentary, written at the peak of his scholarly life, illuminates what is obscure in Aristotle’s text and guides readers through passages that are often dense and impenetrable.  Available for the first time in a bilingual edition, complete with Aristotle’s Greek, The Aquinas Institute here presents its lovingly prepared edition, perfect for students and scholars alike.  In this first volume, Thomas’s comments on bks. 1–6 of the Metaphysics, which review the thought of Aristotle’s predecessors and prepare the way for the study of being as being.

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Commentary on Metaphysics Books 1-6 (Latin-English Opera Omnia)