Although Thomas Aquinas’s influence over philosophy endures to this day, the medieval genius did not consider himself a philosopher, but a Scripture scholar. For the first time in history the Aquinas Institute is making Aquinas’s commentaries on the Gospel of John and the Gospel of Matthew available in hardcover Latin-English editions. The bilingual format, which also features excerpts from the Gospel in Greek, Latin, and English, makes the work of this intellectual giant accessible to a wider audience than ever before. Aquinas’s commentaries on the Gospels are a great gift for pastors, seminarians, and anyone who seeks a deeper intellectual reflection on the Gospels.

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1 review for Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew 1-12 (Latin-English Opera Omnia)

  1. Flavio Correa

    This edition of St. Thomas Aquinas’ Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew is fantastic. I help coordinate a Bible study in my parish in Tampa, FL, and the commentaries allied with the translations in Greek and Latin are of utmost importance. We were able to explain various passages with that resource, and even refer to the Greek to fully understand some passages and the words of Christ.
    Additionally, the quality of paper and materials used are outstanding, so I do recommend acquiring such a beautiful set of books.

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Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew 1-12 (Latin-English Opera Omnia)