Death is the ultimate equalizer. We all will die. What differs is how we handled by it. For some death evokes horror and despair. For others it is quiet acceptance. Still others embrace death with a surety of hope and faith.
Death, Where Is Your Sting? helps readers to find meaning in death, exploring in particular the teachings of Christianity on eternal life and the Catholic rituals and prayers that help with grief when a loved one has passed from this life to the next.
About the Author
Regis J. Flaherty is Director of the Gilmary Retreat Center in Western Pennsylvania and a best-selling author. Rege’s book credits include Last Things First and The How-To Book of Catholic Devotions (co-authored with Mike Aquilina). He and his wife, Libbie, are contributing authors to Scripture and the Mystery of Marriage and Family Life. His articles have appeared in national and diocesan publications, and he has appeared on several radio and television programs including EWTN Bookmark, The Abundant Life with Johnnette Benkovic, and Searching the Word with Chuck Neff. He is a frequent speaker to Catholic gatherings on the topic of lay spirituality.
About the Series
Faith Basics are concise explanations of various dimensions of the Catholic Faith aimed at a popular audience. They both inform and inspire readers to understand and live the Faith. Their convenient size makes them readily portable. They are economically priced and thus are ideal for distribution in evangelization efforts, RCIA classes, study groups, and various outreach programs.

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Faith Basics: Death, Where Is Your Sting? eBook