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What is the Bible, where does it come from, and what is its purpose? How are Catholics supposed to read the Bible and what story does it tell?

These are the ever-important questions answered in Genesis to Jesus, the forthcoming video Bible Study from the St. Paul Center. Join us in early 2019 to learn the basic Catholic principles for reading Scripture and to survey the broad outlines of the books of the Bible and their place in the story of salvation.

The Participant Workbook for Genesis to Jesus will serve as your companion for the duration of the series, helping you better retain what you’ve learned so that it can more easily be applied to your daily life. Full-color masterpieces painted by brilliant artists from Raphael to Reubens capture the eye and, more importantly, move the heart. Inspirational quotes from Scripture, the saints, and recent popes, provide worthy material for memorization. With engaging review questions and discussion topics, participants will never again wonder how and why Scripture is sacred to Catholics.

International customers: Because shipping internationally can be cost-prohibitive, we have made a PDF version of the book available to customers outside the United States. Click here to learn more.

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3 reviews for Genesis to Jesus Participant Workbook

  1. eilalija roze

    great group study

  2. Susan Leger

    I have no problem with the format of the workbook. My understanding is to use the review as a preparation when preparing myself for the next session. It makes perfect sense to me to refresh my memory before going into the next lesson. Something to reflect on through out the week.

  3. stphnshirey

    I hate to give this book anything less than a 5 because this study in it’s entirety is amazing. The only problem was the workbook is somewhat confusing. And not just for myself but all of the participants in our group. And other’s that I talked with had problems following it. It is confusing due to the layout of the “Review of the previous Lesson” information.” It would be more clear if all of the information for the lesson was under the lesson it goes with. For instance when it starts lesson 6 it would be clearer if instead of the review of Lesson 5, you would have the information for Lesson 6. The book is beautiful, the art is beautiful but as I said, I was not the only one who had this problem following the book.

    • Louis St. Hilaire

      Thank you for your feedback. I’ll pass it on to the Journey through Scripture team.

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Genesis to Jesus Participant Workbook