What is holiness? Catholics are taught to prize holiness—to admire it in others and to strive for it in our own lives. But we’re never quite told what holiness is.

Tracing the meaning of holiness first through the Old Testament and then the New, Holy Is His Name unpacks how God gradually transmits his holiness to his people—through creation, right worship, and more—and ultimately transforms them through the sharing of his divine life.

Holy Is His Name is the sixth study in the Journey Through Scripture series. In twelve beautifully produced lessons, Scott Hahn takes us through his quest to define “holiness” as it is found in the Scriptures.

The Leader Bundle is the solution to holding small group studies in person or remotely. It’s specially designed to give leaders the flexibility to host their study in the setting they prefer: in their parish, their home, or virtually.

The Leader Bundle includes:

  • Leader Guide
  • Your choice of video format:
    • DVDs or
    • One-year access to streaming

Equipping Participants

As a bonus, this bundle helps leaders equip their participants in the way that suits each group. There are two options:

  • Leaders can purchase their group Study Guides at 20% off (ideal for in-person groups)
  • Or each participant can purchase their own Workbook and receive free four-month streaming access (ideal for remote groups).

Check out our Small Group Planning Guide for more tips on hosting a study.

International customers: Because shipping internationally can be cost-prohibitive, we have made a PDF version of the book available to customers outside the United States. Click here to learn more.

Product Reviews

2 reviews for Holy Is His Name Leader Bundle

  1. Leonor Carvajal

    does Holy is His name subtitles in spanish or not?

    • Louis

      Streaming access includes Spanish subtitles, but the DVDs do not.

  2. Michael Selby

    Excellent Bible Study Resource.

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Holy Is His Name Leader Bundle