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What is holiness? Catholics are taught to prize holiness—to admire it in others and to strive for it in our own lives. But we’re never quite told what holiness is.

Tracing the meaning of holiness first through the Old Testament and then the New, Holy Is His Name unpacks how God gradually transmits his holiness to his people—through creation, right worship, and more—and ultimately transforms them through the sharing of his divine life.

Holy Is His Name is the sixth study in the Journey Through Scripture series. In twelve beautifully produced lessons, Scott Hahn takes us through his quest to define “holiness” as it is found in the Scriptures.


Lesson 1 The Genesis of Holiness
Lesson 2  The Holiness Explosion
Lesson 3  Holiness in the Kingdom
Lesson 4  Not Wholly Holy
Lesson 5  Holiness in the Prophets
Lesson 6  Holiness in the Person
Lesson 7  Becoming Holy, Becoming “Gods”
Lesson 8  Body of Holiness
Lesson 9  His Type of Holiness
Lesson 10 Holiness and Priesthood
Lesson 11 Holiness in Hebrews
Lesson 12 Holiness Today

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2 reviews for Holy Is His Name Videos

  1. lblasevelasco

    I was present at an invitation at my church to watch an episode and decided to add this series to purchase this set DVD to my library.

  2. Mark Darren Dipzinski

    Once again Scott Hahn strikes gold with this informative and inspiring series. I have always wondered just exactly what holiness is so now i have been informed. Scott Hahn’s enthusiasm on all of his videos is always greatly appreciated and leaves you wanting more. This series is no exception. You always seem too enjoy watching someone who loves their work. I encourage you to watch tihis series and deepen your understanding of our faith even more. I will probably watch this series over again and will be showing it as the next series in our weekly class after Sunday Mass. Thank you mr. Hahn for letting us benefit from your passion for your work.

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