There is an important truth too many Christians don’t know: we are called to actively participate in the redemption Christ won for us on the Cross. This is  at once simple and complex—how can we be co-redeemers? With a clear and lively style, How Christ Saves Souls—with Us: The Mystery of Co-Redemption calls the everyday Catholic to embrace their role as a partaker in Christ’s redeeming grace. Fr. Michael Giesler uses sound theological and scriptural backing to illustrate, in practical terms, how each of us can truly be another Christ, Christ Himself (ipse Christus), in our words and actions.

Jesus shared His redeeming power with His followers from the beginning of the Church, and He continues doing so throughout the centuries. We see co-redemptive grace in the lives of the Church’s greatest saints, but it also radiates in the lives of countless unknown and unsung followers of Christ in many different places and times.

A little-known topic with a transforming message, How Christ Saves Souls—with Us shows us that by bringing Christ’s truth and joy to society, we help to establish His kingdom on earth. We aid in preparing for His glorious second coming, the Parousia, when He will establish His definitive Kingdom, the new Heavens and earth, where God will be all in all.


MICHAEL GIESLER is a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei who lives in Saint Louis, Missouri. He has written a trilogy of books about the early Christians and their transforming influence in the world during the first centuries after Christ, along with many articles about Scripture and contemporary topics. Fr. Giesler is also the author of a short book with practical advice for helping young people to do mental prayer. He has taught and offered spiritual direction for both priests and laymen for over forty years.


“Fr. Michael Giesler’s book is a spiritual tour de force! He sets forth a compelling account of the profound social implications of the Paschal Mystery. How Christ Saves Souls—with Us: The Mystery of Co-Redemption draws out the theological inferences that cascade from the claim situated at the heart of the Catholic faith, namely, that God chooses to involve humanity in his redemptive plan. Twentieth century Catholic theology was particularly attuned to the doctrine of redemptive suffering. Fr. Giesler offers a theological exclamation mark to this truth, which was lived out by heroic saints such as Maximilian Kolbe, Teresa of the Cross, Padre Pio, and Teresa of Calcutta and was emphasized in the teaching of saintly popes such as Pius X, Pius XI, and John Paul II. In this volume the sacramental, pastoral, and theological reverberations of the doctrine of the communion of saints sound with clarity and beauty.”
—Dr. Gerald Boersma, Ave Maria University

“Like St. Paul, we make up what is lacking in Our Lord’s suffering for the sake of others (Colossians 1:24). This is the mystery of redemptive suffering, and it is the great dignity given to Christians. Not only do we imitate Jesus. We participate in his saving work. No book tells this truth as clearly and practically as Fr. Giesler’s. . . . This little volume will change the way you look at life’s hardships. In doing so, it will change your life—and then you will change the lives of countless others.”
—Mike Aquilina, Award-winning author of more than fifty books on Catholic history, doctrine, and devotion

“For those who really want to understand how we can work with Christ, Fr. Giesler’s book is a must read. Based on over forty years of his direct pastoral experience and prayer, this is an exciting and challenging way to look at how Jesus works in us and through us to redeem others. I believe the book can be a strong source of inspiration and motivation for many Christians, both Catholics and non-Catholics.”
—Rev. Francis Joseph Hoffman, CEO of Relevant Radio

“Fr. Michael Giesler has given us a treasury of wisdom on the great mystery of our participation with Christ in the work of the redemption of the world. Christ redeems souls working through us as we live the Christian life in its various dimensions, such as faith, charity, work, marriage and family life, friendship, Christian witness, the Eucharist, prayer, penance, redemptive suffering, and Easter joy, all in the footsteps of Mary. Co-redemption is presented in a clear and common-sense way, with many examples drawn from the author’s rich pastoral experience in guiding souls seeking holiness in many different walks of life.”
—Dr. Lawrence Feingold, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary


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2 reviews for How Christ Saves Souls—with Us: The Mystery of Co-Redemption

  1. John A Hoffmann

    Since all human creatures have free will, anyone can reject Christ’s redemptive power. We do not help God DO anything, but we are commanded to love one another as Christ loves us. In loving one another, we may and should assist our neighbors to know and accept Christ’s gift of redemption. In this way, we participate in His redemption. In prayer and fasting, etc. we also can hope to bring about greater acceptance of Christ and redemption. Christ had / has His role; He gave us ours; they are NOT incoherent, but complementary.

  2. Leon Holmes

    Some of the chapters in this book are good summaries of aspects of the Christian life, but the central thesis—that we are co-redeemers with Christ— is incoherent. Fr. Giesler says, accurately, that the only redeemer is Christ, which means that as applied to mere creatures the term “redeemer” has a meaning different from its meaning as to Christ. If so, it is incoherent to say that we are “co-redeemers” because that term requires that we be redeemers of the same kind as Christ, as is true of co-pilots or co-captains. Pelagianism and semi-Pelagianism are all too common in contemporary Catholicism and assertions such as that we are co-redeemers with Christ do not help clear up the confusion among Catholics who believe that we can and must save ourselves.

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How Christ Saves Souls—with Us: The Mystery of Co-Redemption