Love Become Incarnate is a Festschrift in honor of Bruce D. Marshall, Lehman Professor of Christian Doctrine at Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology. Marshall is one of the most significant Catholic theologians in the English-speaking world. His work exemplifies an intentionally Catholic theology that makes fearless use of the fullness of truth—wherever it may be found—in conscious service to the Church.

Marshall has made significant contributions to the doctrine of the Trinity, Christology, Pneumatology, ecclesiology, ecumenism, Jewish-Christian dialogue, and fundamental theology. St. Thomas Aquinas has been his most constant theological companion, although he has also advanced our understanding of Saints Augustine and Anselm, John Duns Scotus, Martin Luther, Matthias Joseph Scheeben, Karl Barth, and other major figures. Marshall has carefully developed a unique, powerful, and wide-ranging theology of the primacy of Christ over all things. It is this same Christ who is the love of God become incarnate.

This series of essays by Marcia Colish, J. Augustine Di Noia, Paul Griffiths, Reinhard Hütter, Matthew Levering, and others engage and advance Marshall’s ranging contributions to historical and systematic theology.


Justus H. Hunter is Associate Professor of Church History at United Theological Seminary and holds a PhD from Southern Methodist University.

T. Adam Van Wart is Assistant Professor of Theology at Ave Maria University and holds a PhD from Southern Methodist University.

David L. Whidden III is Professor of Theology at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University and holds a PhD from Southern Methodist University.


“Bruce Marshall surely stands in the front rank of contemporary Catholic theology. The profundity, rigor, range, and clarity of his theological work, inspired by a governing vision of the absolute primacy of Christ, constitute a legacy that will inspire and engage serious theologians for many years to come. This impressive collection offers exemplary firstfruits of such engagement and brilliants radiates, as does Marshall’s own work, ‘the light of the knowledge of the glory of God shining in the face of Christ’ (2 Cor 4:6).”

Khaled Anatolios
University of Notre Dame


“If a theologian is known by the company he keeps, then the essays in this volume amply demonstrate that Bruce Marshall is a theologian of the highest caliber, of remarkable depth and breadth, of historical sources and of systematic coherence, of scientific rigor and sapiential insight, of Scripture and philosophy, of Israel and Church, of faith and reason, of love and knowledge. This is a rich and fitting tribute to a great scholar, teacher, and mentor whose legacy will surely be both deep and wide.”

Boyd Taylor Coolman
Boston College


“No standard sized volume of essays could reflect all of Bruce Marshall’s theological interests and engagements. Still, the distinguished contributors to this present volume go some considerable way in rendering him just thanks for his own many contributions to contemporary theology. For this fruitful and illuminating thanksgiving, we may in turn be thankful.”

Fr. Guy Mansini
Ave Maria University


“The essays in this Festschrift honoring Bruce Marshall go far toward manifesting the profundity of the inquiries that his own work has not only engaged but elicited. The body of discourse around his theological oeuvre says a great deal about the importance and gravity of his work: even, or perhaps especially, for those (as myself) who cannot make the change to buy a ticket on the train of linguistic Thomism.”

Stephen A. Long
Ave Maria University


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Love Become Incarnate: Essays in Honor of Bruce D. Marshall