Catholicism can mystify or even repel other Christians, while its complexities can confuse Catholics themselves. Fr. Ian Ker’s stimulating book, Mere Catholicism makes Catholicism come alive as the fullness of Christianity.

In twenty readable essays, Mere Catholicism discusses all the essentials of the faith. Topics include:

  • Does life have meaning?
  • If God is a personal God, what is His plan for the human race?
  • The passion and death of Christ
  • The importance of the body
  • The paradox of the Church
  • Sacraments
  • Morality
  • Salvation, and much more.

Mere Catholicism is an eloquent apology for the Catholic faith that is sure to move, instruct, and inspire its readers. Highly recommended for those inquiring into the Church.

About the Author 

Fr. Ian Ker teaches theology at Oxford University and is also a parish priest. He is the leading authority on the thought and writings of John Henry Newman, on whom he has published many books, including the definitive biography. Fr. Ker is also the author of The Catholic Revival in English Literature, 1845-1961 and Mere Catholicism.


“Fr. Ker’s brilliant, highly readable book . . . is indispensable, not only for those who are approaching Christianity and need guidance but also for Catholics who take their own faith for granted but could not coherently explain their beliefs to unbelieving friends. No other concise survey of the Catholic faith approaches it for clarity, for completeness, or for intellectual range.”

—William Oddie, Former Editor of the (London) Catholic Herald

“Starting with a persuasive demonstration of reasonableness of belief in God, Fr. Ker patiently leads his reader through a clear statement of the Catholic faith. His response to objections is fair and gentle. I have not seen a volume more suitable for an atheist or agnostic—not to say a non-Catholic—than Mere Catholicism.”

—Fr. Ray Ryland, Catholic Answers Contributor and Author

“This book is surely destined to become a Catholic classic.”

—Walter Hooper, Former Assistant to C.S. Lewis

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Mere Catholicism